Imunify360 Redefines Server Security for Duplika, Allowing Uninterrupted Focus on Core Business Ambitions

Duplika, a dedicated hosting provider committed to delivering exceptional services for more than 18 years, found itself grappling with a surge in workload for its IT and security teams. As cyber threats continued to rise and impact their clients’ trust, Duplika recognized the urgent need to bolster its server security measures. In pursuing a comprehensive solution, they discovered Imunify360—a security platform that promised to address their challenges and elevate their hosting services.

Server Security Challenges

Duplika’s challenges were multifaceted—increased workload, the risk of tarnished reputation, and the growing volume of cyber threats. Faced with these challenges, Duplika was looking for a server security solution that provided robust protection, performance improvement, and seamless integration with their existing infrastructure.

Selecting Imunify360

In their search for the ideal security solution, Duplika evaluated various products. Imunify360 stood out due to its comprehensive protection features, user-friendly interface, centralized management capabilities, and performance optimization. These qualities aligned perfectly with Duplika’s criteria for a security solution.

Since implementing it, Duplika has experienced a remarkable shift in their operations. False positives were significantly reduced, leading to improved threat awareness and streamlined security management. This reduction in false positives translated into time and resource savings, boosting overall productivity. With Imunify360’s robust protection, Duplika’s server security was strengthened, resulting in reduced downtime and enhanced website performance.

Productivity Gains and Success Metrics

Duplika indeed witnessed an increase in productivity after integrating Imunify360. Their IT and security teams were able to shift their focus from dealing with false positives and security issues to more strategic business enhancements. Metrics and KPIs highlighted a decrease in security incidents and a marked improvement in their operational efficiency.

Duplika was particularly impressed with Imunify360’s comprehensive security features, which encompassed a range of advanced functionalities.

Juan Manuel Zolezzi Volpi
Chief Executive Officer
at Duplika
“We are a small family team, myself, my brother, my sister and 2 friends. Tools like Imunify360 allow us to focus on important business upgrades instead of coping with security issues.”

The partner’s response to the question highlighted their appreciation for the platform’s ability to distinguish actual threats from benign activities, showcasing the remarkable effectiveness of Imunify360’s intelligent threat detection system. This feature not only demonstrated its proficiency in accurately identifying potential security risks but also showcased its capacity to significantly reduce the occurrence of false positives. By mitigating the need to manage these erroneous alerts, Imunify360 empowered Duplika to refocus its efforts on core responsibilities, ultimately leading to the provision of exceptional services to their valued clients. In aligning with Imunify360’s proven track record and results, this experience truly exemplified the platform’s commitment to delivering reliable, efficient, and cutting-edge security solutions. The seamless integration of auto cleanup capabilities further bolstered Duplika’s confidence in the system’s ability to address security concerns comprehensively. Thus, the partnership between Duplika and Imunify360 underscored the platform’s remarkable impact on elevating cybersecurity standards and operational efficiency.

Imunify360 Implemented Smoothly

The implementation process for Imunify360 was seamless for Duplika. They encountered no issues or concerns during the integration, and the product seamlessly blended with their existing infrastructure. Imunify360’s straightforward implementation process added to Duplika’s confidence in the product’s efficacy.

Have you had any issues or concerns while implementing Imunify360?

No issues whatsoever. Imunify360 has been the best upgrade for us, small hoster, replacing CSF and plenty of daily false positives. Only best upgrade we had in 18 years before this, was CloudLinux.

Concrete Threat Mitigation with Imunify360

Imunify360 proved its value by addressing specific challenges Duplika faced. Outdated modsecurity rules were causing client IP blocks and damaging their IP reputation. Imunify360 effectively resolved these issues, allowing Duplika to focus on their business growth rather than security concerns.

“We had plenty of client IP blocked due to outdated default modsecurity rules at cPanel, constantly had to tweak CSF and even integrate it with WHMcs to easy unblock IPs, and hacked sites used to hurt our IP reputation. This is gone since we use Imunify360.”
Duplika’s Partnership with Imunify360 and Future Outlook
With Imunify360 in place, Duplika felt empowered to pursue their business enhancements without the constant worry of security threats. The product not only saved them time and resources but also instilled a sense of confidence in their services. Duplika’s family team is now poised to embrace future innovations, secure in the knowledge that Imunify360 has their back. In conclusion, Duplika’s journey from security challenges to optimized hosting services is a testament to the transformative impact of Imunify360. By aligning with their goals and addressing their specific concerns, Imunify360 has elevated Duplika’s operational efficiency, security, and customer satisfaction. This success story highlights the vital role of comprehensive security solutions in shaping the future of hosting services.
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