WebJIVE Secures its Servers with Imunify360

WebJIVE, a leading web hosting provider with over 20 years of experience in delivering exceptional SEO services and multiple awards for their customer-focused approach. Their mission is to become Arkansas’ most trusted provider of web design, SEO, and digital marketing solutions. However, they encountered various security challenges that posed a threat to their reputation, customer trust, and operational efficiency. Dealing with false positives and inefficiencies from their previous security solution, put a strain on their IT and security teams. As a result, WebJIVE sought a more robust and intelligent security solution to promptly address their concerns and elevate their server security.

Choosing Imunify360

WebJIVE needed a server security solution that offered ease of use, real-time monitoring, seamless integration with their existing infrastructure, cost-effectiveness, robust protection, scalability, and improved performance. They were looking for a solution that could proactively identify and mitigate threats, provide centralized management, timely security updates, and strong customer support.

After testing various products, WebJIVE found that Imunify360 stood out for its comprehensive features, user-friendly interface, intelligent threat detection, and seamless integration. It offered everything they were looking for in a server security solution.

The Benefits of Imunify360

Since implementing Imunify360, WebJIVE experienced numerous benefits. They achieved cost savings by reducing the need for additional security resources and mitigating potential revenue loss. Their server security was significantly enhanced, resulting in reduced downtime and increased website performance. Imunify360 streamlined security management, reducing false positives, and improving threat awareness.

WebJIVE noticed a remarkable increase in productivity after using Imunify360. They saw a reduction in security incidents, enhanced peace of mind, improved focus on core responsibilities, and a significant reduction in manual security efforts. Their websites enjoyed zero downtime with Imunify360 in place.

What Impressed WebJIVE the Most About Imunify360?

WebJIVE was highly impressed with Imunify360’s proven results, scalability, compatibility, comprehensive security features, intelligent threat detection, timely updates, and excellent customer support. These aspects contributed to their confidence in the product and its ability to safeguard their infrastructure.

The implementation process for Imunify360 was straightforward for WebJIVE’s cPanel servers. They experienced no issues or downtime during the implementation, and the product seamlessly integrated with their existing infrastructure.

Eric Caldwell’s Take on Using Imunify360

As the CEO at WebJIVE, I am compelled to write a testimonial about our experience with Imunify360. We have using Imunify360 for almost two years now, and I can confidently affirm that it has been instrumental in bolstering our server security and optimizing our operations.The implementation was super simple on our cPanel servers. We’ve had zero issues and zero downtime with our websites after implementing Imunify360. We’ve been using Imunify360 for almost 2 years now and couldn’t be happeier.

Before switching to Imunify360, we often found ourselves dealing with many false positives from other products like CSF, resulting in countless wasted man-hours chasing down non-issues. The inefficiency was apparent, and it was clear we needed a change. Enter Imunify360. What struck us initially was its promise of advanced automation and its intelligent threat identification algorithms, which seemed a potential solution to our problem. Having experienced the product firsthand, we can vouch for the validity of these claims. Imunify360 has impressively enhanced our security framework by providing comprehensive, real-time protection against a wide range of Internet threats.

The efficacy of its advanced firewall, intrusion detection, and malware scanning systems is unlike anything we’ve experienced before. What once was a laborious process has now become streamlined and accurate, freeing up our team to focus on what truly matters—delivering the best service to our clients. 

Since implementing Imunify360 on all our servers, we have noticed a significant decrease in false positives. This product’s smart algorithms are able to distinguish actual threats from benign activities with a high degree of accuracy, saving us invaluable time and resources. 

Moreover, the customer support offered by the Imunify360 team has been nothing short of stellar. Their knowledgeable and responsive staff has consistently delivered solutions promptly and professionally, ensuring a smooth, trouble-free experience for us.

“Since implementing Imunify360 on all our servers, we have noticed a significant decrease in false positives. This product’s smart algorithms are able to distinguish actual threats from benign activities with a high degree of accuracy, saving us invaluable time and resources.”
Eric Caldwell
Chief Executive Officer
at WebJIVE

Simply put, Imunify360 has revolutionized how we secure our servers at WebJIVE. It has saved us time, enhanced our operational efficiency, and reinforced our commitment to providing secure, high-quality services to our clients. 

In a digital landscape where threats evolve rapidly, it’s comforting to know that with Imunify360, we’re always a step ahead. We look forward to a continued partnership and are excited to see what future innovations this stellar security product will bring. Based on our positive experience, we would not hesitate to recommend Imunify360 to any organization seeking an effective, reliable, and hassle-free solution to secure their servers. I think that’s it. Rock on!

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