Billing terms


Key-based licensing account


The subscription can be purchased on a monthly or annual basis. 


You are required to begin a subscription for the selected product(s) in order to activate the Service using the activation key. The initial purchase date is considered the start billing date for Your subscription. The subscription is activated per product in Your account. 


For an already active subscription, You can:

  1. Purchase more licenses for the selected product by adding them to the existing subscription.

There will be no immediate charges for licenses added to the existing subscription. The pro-rated charges  will be added to the next invoice along with the subscription renewal fees.
Note that the prorated charges will be created every time You decide to add more licenses to the existing subscription. Unbilled prorated charges are not automatically removed if You remove unused license(s). If You cancel the subscription associated with the unbilled charges, You are obliged to pay such charges.  

  1. Upgrade / downgrade the existing licenses via your account.
    Please note that CloudLinux will charge a full monthly price for upgraded/downgraded license(s) while the amount associated with the unused period of the previously paid Imunify360 license will be credited to the account balance. The credits will automatically be used once the new invoice is generated in the account.

CloudLinux will void unbilled prorated charges upon Your request submitted before the subscription renewal date, if You purchased more licenses than intended and if such licenses were not in use. You can submit a request from the Imunify 360 Support Portal or by sending a request to the Billing Department.



IP-based licensing account 


You are billed monthly unless otherwise agreed between You and CloudLinux. The invoice is created on the first day of the month for the previous month. The billing depends on the product and the selected license type described below.

IP-based license type Key-based license type

The billing is based on the number of IP-based licenses created in Your account (irrespective of the usage).


In case of upgrade/downgrade, the next invoice will contain the charges for the new license type.

The billing is based on the number of servers registered in the account using the activation key(s).


Irrespective of the date when the IP-based license was added or the  server was registered using the key-based license during the month, the system charges the full monthly fee. Prorated charges are not applicable for this account type.