Cancellation and Termination Policy


Cancellation policy


Key-based licensing account 


For Monthly Subscriptions. You can cancel monthly subscriptions in Your CloudLinux account using instructions from the Imunify360 Support Portal or by submitting a request to the Billing Department and indicating the reason for the cancellation of service(s).

Unless canceled, the licenses remain active and must be paid for regardless if they are in use or not. If the cancellation request is submitted within 72 hours after the new billing cycle started and the renewal invoice is not paid, CloudLinux will cancel the outstanding invoice upon Your written request.

Cancellation requests submitted after the above-specified deadline will be effective at the end of the current billing cycle.


For Yearly Subscriptions. If yearly subscriptions are canceled prior to the last calendar month of the subscription term, CloudLinux will cancel the subscription and issue a partial refund for unused calendar months, excluding the current month during which the subscription is canceled.


Visit our Refund policy for additional information.



IP-based licensing account


You can cancel licenses in Your account as described below.

IP-based license type

Key-based license type

Remove the IP-based license(s) for the selected product(s) from the IP Licenses section in Your account using the guide

Remove the server from the Servers section for selected products in Your account using the guide.


Unless canceled, the licenses remain active and must be paid for regardless if they are in use or not.

You can review our Billing terms and Refund policy to get more details.



Termination policy


CloudLinux is eligible to lock or cancel Your account at any time, for any reason, including but not limited to a violation of these Terms of Use and/or License Agreements, non-fulfillment of Your obligations under Terms of Use, at CloudLinux`s sole discretion, without incurring any liability by CloudLinux to You.

In the event CloudLinux locks or cancels Your account, we will provide notice to You, but it is not CloudLinux`s obligation to notify You, and CloudLinux will not be liable for failure to do so.