Snel: Elevating Website Security and Client Satisfaction with Imunify360

At Imunify, we take pride in delivering cutting-edge security solutions that empower businesses to safeguard their websites and streamline server management. Our commitment to excellence is exemplified by our esteemed customer,—a renowned hosting provider hailed as “Your Friendly Hosting Provider” from the Netherlands. SNEL faced a critical challenge in extending their server management services to include comprehensive website security. Previous attempts with alternative security solutions proved disastrous, burdening them with false positives and operational disruptions. However, SNEL’s search for a complete security solution led them to Imunify360. In this enlightening case study, we explore how Imunify360’s integrated features seamlessly transformed SNEL’s operations, reducing risks, minimizing false positives, and elevating client satisfaction.

Let’s read the full story shared by SNEL’s CEO, Musti Aslan:

At, we go above and beyond to exceed our clients’ expectations. We are happy to provide our worldwide clients a wide choice of hosting solutions ranging from Managed hosting services to white label reseller hosting. We are known as “Your Friendly Hosting Provider” from the Netherlands. The way we operate is based on being approachable to our consumers, well-thought-out services, and unmatched customer satisfaction.
The Challenge

Our core business is managing and safeguarding the servers and virtual private servers of our clients. Their websites’ upkeep and security, however, were not covered by us. But, in addition to protecting their servers or VPS, our clients also expected us to guarantee the security of their websites which they ran on WordPress, Magento, or other content management systems too.

Our first attempt to offer a broad scope security solution from a different security company failed horribly. We experienced a significant amount of additional work due to the high number of false positives. The system was overly sensitive, flagging benign activities as potential threats and consuming our time and resources as we investigated these unfounded alarms. Furthermore, the solution’s rigorous measures often resulted in our servers becoming completely inaccessible. This not only impacted our ability to perform routine tasks, but also created unnecessary operational disruptions, further compounding our workload.

The Solution

In our search for a complete solution that could fulfill both the needs of our clients in keeping their websites secure, as our need to easily manage server and VPS security, we found Imunify360. It’s an essential component in offering the highest quality service as it is packed with built-in features. It served as our answer for better and more effectively protecting servers and VPSs as well as maintaining the security of our clients’ websites without adding to our workload. Imunify360 offers reliable solutions that fit seamlessly into our infrastructure and are compatible with a variety of our control panels, including Plesk, cPanel, and DirectAdmin. Because we want to provide our clients the option to use any program they choose, this was a hard necessity for us.

Musti Aslan
Chief Executive Officer
“We have noticed a significant drop in help inquiries for website security breach‑related issues after using Imunify360. This has undoubtedly improved client happiness and strengthened our reputation as a trustworthy hosting company.”
The Results

We’ve noticed a large drop in help inquiries for website security breach-related issues after using Imunify360. Our system’s seamless connection with their security platform has made it possible for us to reduce risks and quickly and effectively address any security issues. False positives have significantly decreased, hence increasing the dependability and legitimacy of our security measures. Without a doubt, this has improved client happiness and strengthened our reputation as a trustworthy hosting company. We think this successful transition perfectly illustrates what a success story is all about!

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