Enhancing Server Security with Imunify360 at XetNET

XetNET, a leading web hosting provider, embarked on a journey to fortify their server security in response to the increasing number of cyber threats, workload concerns for IT/security teams, and the need to uphold their reputation and customer trust. In their quest for a server security solution, they sought robust protection, top-notch performance, real-time monitoring and alerts, and seamless integration with their existing infrastructure. After evaluating several security products, XetNET decided to implement Imunify360, which has since yielded significant benefits, including increased threat awareness, enhanced server security, and cost savings.

Challenges and Objectives
XetNET faced several security challenges before implementing Imunify360:

  • Cyber Threats: The escalating volume of cyber threats posed a significant risk to XetNET’s infrastructure and reputation.
  • Workload: IT and security teams were overwhelmed by the increasing workload associated with managing security incidents.
  • Reputation and Trust: Maintaining customer trust and safeguarding the company’s reputation were paramount.
In their search for a server security solution, XetNET aimed to achieve:

  • Robust Protection: To safeguard against a wide range of threats.
  • Performance: Ensuring server performance would not be compromised.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Alerts: Immediate detection and response to security incidents.
  • Integration: Seamless integration with their existing infrastructure.

Why Imunify360 Stood Out

Imunify360 stood out due to:

  • Comprehensive Protection: Imunify360 offered a holistic security approach.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform was easy to navigate and configure.
  • Performance Optimization: It ensured server performance remained robust.

Benefits Realized
Since implementing Imunify360, XetNET has experienced:

  • Increased Threat Awareness: Immediate detection and alerts for potential threats.
  • Enhanced Server Security: Reduction in security incidents and successful threat mitigation.
  • Reduced False Positives: Enhanced accuracy in identifying genuine threats.
  • Cost Savings: A significant decrease in support personnel’s workload, leading to cost savings.

Productivity Gains
XetNET noted:

  • Reduction in Security Incidents: Fewer security incidents requiring manual intervention.
  • Reduced Manual Security Efforts: Automation and real-time monitoring decreased manual security efforts.

Impressions of Imunify360

XetNET was most impressed by:

  • Intelligent Threat Detection: Imunify360’s ability to intelligently identify threats.
  • Timely Updates and Support: Consistent updates and responsive customer support.
  • Scalability and Compatibility: Imunify360 seamlessly scaled to meet XetNET’s requirements.

Implementation Experience

Implementing Imunify360 was straightforward, although earlier versions encountered some performance issues. These issues were promptly addressed by the Imunify360 team.

Mitigating Security Threats

Imunify360 has significantly helped XetNET mitigate security threats. It simplifies the cleanup of infected sites and has led to a substantial reduction in the number of infected sites per month, saving time and resources.

Closing Thoughts

XetNET has been delighted with the results of implementing Imunify360 and its positive impact on their server security, productivity, and cost savings. Erno Räsänen, the CEO of XetNET, shared his perspective on their experience with Imunify360:

Erno Räsänen, Chief Executive Officer
at XetNET

I’ve always been very happy with the speed of your support and customer first attitude. I’ve always wanted our company to be the one which provides the best possible value for our clients. In addition to that I value software which works well and doesn’t produce false alerts and thus increase our workload.
Imunify360 has proved to be very reliable, reduced hugely amount of hacked WordPress sites from us and protected our servers and clients from malware and hack attempts. The value it has generated for us has been excellent.

Erno Räsänen’s feedback highlights the exceptional customer support and the reduction in false alerts that Imunify360 provided, aligning perfectly with XetNET’s commitment to delivering value and top-tier services to their clients. The tangible benefits of increased reliability and security resonate with XetNET’s mission to protect their servers and clients from cyber threats effectively. Imunify360 has indeed proven to be an invaluable asset to XetNET’s operations.

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