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Imunify360 requires one license per system to be protected. The user count (1, 30, 250, Unlimited) should be chosen so it is greater or equals the actual number of hosting accounts (or the total number of subscriptions).

These billing FAQ’s apply only to customers who purchased Imunify360 directly from CloudLinux on or

If you purchased Imunify360 license from YOUR WEB HOSTING PROVIDER, please refer to their billing procedures.

What is CLN and why do I need access to it
How can I purchase Imunify360?
I can't login to CLN - How can I reset password?
I already have KernelCare licenses, can I now cancel them?
Where can I find Imunify360 pricing information?
How will I get billed?
Can you extend the expired trial license?
Will license activation key expire at the end of the billing cycle?
How do I migrate license to a new server? How to change the user count for a license?
How can I cancel Imunify360 licenses?
Why I’m receiving overdue invoices?
How can I join your partner program?
Video: How to manage Imunify360 servers in CLN

1. What is CLN and why do I need access to it?

CloudLinux Network - CLN - is an online portal that allows you to manage all aspects of your account. In CLN, you can purchase licenses, manage servers, view license keys, billing, etc. If you are a new customer (trial or paying), a CLN account has been automatically created for you - you can find your login name and password in the welcome email you’ve received. Access to CLN is available at

Through your control panel, such as cPanel, you can access Imunify360 dashboard, features, and all its configuration settings.

2. How can I purchase Imunify360?

If you are a CloudLinux customer, or have/had signed up for any of our Free Trials, or have created a CLN account in the past, please log in to CLN at to purchase Imunify360 licenses. If you are a new customer and don’t have a CLN account, you can purchase Imunify360 on (note, a new CLN account will be created for you) or through your web hosting provider. If you are having issues with purchasing, please write to [email protected].

3. I’ve forgotten my password to CLN and can’t seem to be able to reset it. What should I do?

The reason you might be having difficulties accessing your account is you might be using your email address as a login, however, the login name might be different from your email address. To enter your account, use login name and password you used when you originally registered for CLN or the one you received in your Imunify360 confirmation email. Should you have any troubles with that, please open a support ticket in the Billing department at

4. I already have KernelCare licenses, can I now cancel them?

KernelCare is included with Imunify360 at no additional cost. If in the past you have purchased KernelCare license(s) FOR THE SAME SERVER(S), you can safely cancel those licenses after Imunify360 is installed and activated (paid for).

5. Where can I find Imunify360 pricing information?

We offer multiple licensing options and it depends on the types of servers you have, but you can find all pricing information on this page. If you purchase 5 or more Imunify360 licenses, you qualify for bulk pricing.

6. How will I get billed?

You can make payments monthly on the date of subscription activation. We accept Credit Cards and PayPal. You can configure the payment method in “Billing & Profile” section of your CLN account.

7. I want to use trial license but it has expired. Can you extend it?

Trial licenses are valid within 14 days only and are not extendable.

8. I’ve registered a server under a paid license. Will license activation key expire at the end of the billing cycle?

Activation key doesn’t expire (except the trial key, which acts only for 30 days). You just need to pay for licenses each month or year, depending on your billing period, and you can continue to use the same activation key.

9. I want to migrate a license to a new server. Do I need to purchase the second license in this case? How to change the user count for a license?

You don't need an extra license to migrate to a new server. You can register the new Imunify360 server with the same activation key. Before doing so, please remove "old" server in your CLN account/Servers list (more details are available in the video below). When un-registered, Imunify360 will disable all its cloud-related features on the old server, so you may want to uninstall it manually. Once it’s done you’ll be able to install Imunify360 on your new server and register it using the same activation key. License upgrade (i.e. changing the user count) is also shown in the video below.

10. How can I cancel Imunify360 licenses?

To cancel Imunify360 license, follow these steps:

Login to CLN account
Click on ‘Servers’ tab --> ‘CloudLinux/KernelCare/Imunify360 keys’ --> and remove necessary server/s
There is an option to remove unused license/s.
Please note that if you ignore the last step, your license will remain active and must be paid for.

11. Why I’m receiving overdue invoices if I stopped using licenses?

The system sends you a reminder about an overdue invoice only when unused licenses have not been canceled. Accordingly, the billing hasn’t been stopped. Please note that the billing stops once Imunify360 licenses are actually canceled via your CLN account. If you have stopped using your licenses and removed the unused server from ‘Servers’ list only, the system will keep applying charges for active licenses despite the fact they are used or not.

12. How can I join your partner program?

To become a partner, you need to sign up for the Partner Program. The Partner Program allows you to benefit from the following:

Automated ordering through our API
Easy-to-use, IP-based licensing
A chance to pay for licenses used in the previous month on the 1st of the following month.

Please note that Imunify360 license reselling is not authorized. The purpose of joining the Imunify360 partner program is to sell Imunify360 with VPS or dedicated servers, not as standalone licenses.

To join the Program, please write to [email protected]. To find out more about our Partner Program, please visit our website.

13. Video: How to manage Imunify360 servers in CLN

The following video shows how to remove the system from the list of licensed and how to upgrade an Imunify360 license (i.e. increase the user count):



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