Imunify360 features: Patching

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KernelCare, a feature of Imunify360, keeps your server’s kernel secure by automatically patching it. It does it without the need to reboot servers. KernelCare agent checks for new patches every four hours and automatically applies them to the running server without any performance impact.

To start using KernelCare from the Imunify360 dashboard, click on the “Install KernelCare” button in the Settingstab.

After the successful installation, KernelCare parameters will become visible in the KernelCare tab. It contains actual status and version information about the running kernel and the KernelCare mode of operation.


The Effective Kernel Version displays the version to which the running kernel was patched up to by KernelCare.

The Real KernelVersion shows you the version of the kernel that the system was last booted with.

The Update mode toggle allows you to switch automatic kernel patching on or off.

The Uptime displays your system uptime in days.

You can learn a lot more about rebootless kernel updates on our KernelCare page, but remember that KernelCare is included as part of the Imunify360 license.



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